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Wall Fishing

Custom Wiring

Hide exposed unsightly wires inside wall or add paint-able wall conduits to cover wire.

Install a power outlet behind your wall mounted TV to solve the issue of having the power cord running down or across the wall.

Move existing cable lines or phone lines sticking out of the floor to inside the wall for a clean professional look of a wall jack.


Why Wall Fish?

Installing your low-voltage wire in-wall can be a great way to save money and set the groundwork for a good-looking system that blends attractively into your décor. We will help you with big and small projects — whether you're planning a whole-house system or just want to conceal your wall-mounted TV's audio/video cables.
The thought of eliminating all those wires connected to the TV, DVD, Cable Box, Computer, Etc. is a thought that we've all had at some point.  But how? Have a member of Omega Wiring to wall fish those wires or even relocate your electrical outlet to behind your wall mounted TV!