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Uverse Services

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Repair Service

Starting at $49

Existing AT&T service required!!!

Need your Uverse service moved within your home or office?

Does AT&T refuse to provide you with a line for a TV or computer in a certain location?

Plan on getting Uverse? We can pre wire your space to cut the install time of the technician.

Need help with issues like no picture, no sound, remote not working, modem is flashing red, internet issues, etc?


Installation Services

Starting at $99

? Already have Uverse, but the installer could not or would not run the wire in a way you desire?

? Would you rather not see your cable or data wires serving your TVs or PCs?

? Do you have a attic or crawl space that the installer did not utilize?

? Do you have your TV mounted and all your equipment mounted, on a custom shelf or out of site completely, but your Uverse box or modem is in an odd location?

Ω Allow us to to install your cable, data or phone lines before or after you get your services; to ensure a completely custom job allowing you to enjoy your entertainment or office space without the clutter of wire or risk of accidental disconnection causing you to be without service for even the shortest amount of time.