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Home Theater

The Sound

Bring the sound of the movies home with you by installing a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system.

Listen to your music throughout your entire home or office, even create sections where music can or cant be heard.

Integrate a paging or intercom system to a surround sound set up.



In-Ceiling Speakers! An in-wall speaker works like a regular speaker. But instead of being attached to a cabinet, it's mounted in a frame and set into your wall. It uses the wall cavity as a large cabinet, giving you more bass than you might get from a stand-alone speaker of the same size.We provide our customers with products designed for optimal audio reproduction performance in a variety of home entertainment configurations, with accuracy and clarity.

Speaker Wire - In ceiling speakers should be connected to the amplifier with UL rated CL2/CL3 speaker wire - this is required by building code. Avoid installing speaker wire in parallel with household AC wiring to avoid potential hum. it is in fact okay for speaker wire to cross AC wiring at a right angle.

The gauge or thickness of the speaker wire can affect the performance of the speaker! Always use the appropriate gauge to prevent excessive speaker wire resistance. Using undersized speaker wire can result in lose of volume, detail, and dynamic range.

50' or less - 16 Gauge
50' - 80' 14 Gauge
80' - 120' 12 Gauge
120' - 200' 10 Gauge