Other Services

We are not limited to just wiring and technology. By being on numerous new construction projects and working in cooperation with various different companies, Omega Wiring, LLC has developed the type of relationships and business partners that we and our customers alike benefit from. Contact one of our representatives or partners for details and pricing for our other services:

Speech Privacy Systems

Better Office Sound Masking

Your workers are your greatest asset. They're the face of your company, and they're the primary revenue-generating engine of your business. But studies show that the average worker is distracted up to two hours each day, and that makes it tough to focus, much less do your best work. Better Speech Privacy Technology from Speech Privacy Systems helps your workers focus on the task at hand - making your organization better at doing what it does best.


Carpet Cleaning

Partner: Carpet Doc
Contact: Bill 313.971.5633

While keeping the environment along with children and pets in mind, Carpet Doc has gone green by using all Non-Toxic chemicals to provide you the the safest cleaning possible.


5 Linx

5LINX Offers a Large Variety of Products & Services...

  • VOIP
  • Business Phone
  • Mobile Service
  • Satellite TV
  • High Speed Internet Service
  • Energy Service and Much More....