About Us

Located in Detroit, MI, Omega Wiring is a faith based business that believes in serving its customers as
God instructed us to s
erve one another. We do this by
offering solutions for various low voltage wiring needs and projects while treating every customer and all property as if they were a gifts given to us.  We specialize in wiring, whether it be wall fishing existing structures or new construction projects, every job receives the same level of high quality that will pass any inspection.

Our mission is simple: make technology a simple integration into your home or business.  There’s no need to shy away from upgrading how your business works or how you stay connected to the digital world at home.  We have seen too many times where in the name of saving money or just not knowing where to turn to, that individuals and businesses have been simply dealing with eye sores, safety as well as fire hazards for wiring.  Be it phone or internet lines running across floors and walls or a mess of cable, speaker, entertainment center cords bundled with extension cords and multiple plugs to power it all.  An accident waiting to happen!

Omega Wiring is a leader in providing high quality service when installing new or servicing existing video surveillance systems, phone systems, theater systems, data networks, communication jacks, or computer repair.  Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of our team.

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